Main research areas.

Our main research is divers and covers all areas of digital market and opinion research. You can find an overview of our most important tools here.

Concept tests

This phase is about condensing a large number of ideas step by step in order to end up with a small number of valuable and marketable ideas.

Online focus groups

You want to get a feel for a target group, explore topics or uncover motives? Our online focus groups can help!

Product tests

Product tests are the logical continuation of concept tests and are usually located at the end of the innovation process or in relaunch phases.

Online home use tests

A product can often only be realistically assessed in everyday use. Home use tests are the last decisive test bench for a product on its way to the shelf.

Product launch controlling

In this early phase of the product life cycle, the focus is on consumers and their motivations.

Pricing research

The target is to determine the prices that fit your products and your range and max out the payment acceptance of your target group.

Packaging tests

The task of this research is to check the relevant success drivers of the packaging effect and to show optimization potential.

Logo tests

Logos should be rich in associations, concrete, concise and independent. Such content needs to be checked in the context of market research.

Name tests

This development process is about evaluating associations and differentiation options and thus reducing wrong decisions and uncertainties.

Claim & slogan tests

To what extent is the claim emphasizing advantages, conveying positive feelings and working out unique selling proposition?

U&A studies | motive analysis

The focus of Usage & Attitude studies lays on product usage and exploring underlying motives.

Market segmentation

With the help of socio-demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavior-oriented criteria differences in the overall market are carved out.

Brand positioning

Brand core analyses evaluate brand perception and positioning in the competitive environment from a variety of perspectives.


Advertising pre-tests enable the detection of optimization potential as well as the evaluation of alternative concepts and thus optimum campaign management.


Post-tests focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of all communication measures.


Ad & brand tracking studies allow trends and developments to be shown over time and make a significant contribution to strategic and operational brand management.

Testimonial tests

The focus is the awareness of the testimonial, associations, characteristics and credibility as well as the brand and product fit.

Customer surveys

Customer surveys intend to broaden the knowledge base about customers, their expectations and assessments.

Employee surveys

The focus is on the attitudes, opinions and wishes of employees as well as the identification of weak points and suggestions for improvement.

Website tests

So-called OnSite surveys analyze the user structure of a website and provide information about the wishes and expectations of website visitors.

Point of Sale-recruitment

By issuing participation codes via the receipt, customers are addressed directly after the purchase and invited to an online survey.

Web omnibus

With our representative multi-topic survey, you can generate insights every month - quickly and cost-effectively.

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