Point of Sale-recruitment

By issuing participation codes via the receipt, customers are addressed directly after the purchase and invited to an online survey and provide prompt feedback.

If a few dozen test buyers should perceive customer situations for objective evaluation of various quality aspects, the limits of mystery shopping are obvious. Mostly, the number of cases or test purchases per location are small, the purchase situations are usually “artificial” and the subjective perception is often time-related and influences the evaluation. An innovative tool can solve this knot and eliminate most of the described disadvantages: With POS recruitment, the issuing of participation codes via sales slip, customers are addressed directly after the purchase and invited to an online survey. The results can be assigned to a specific location using the participation code. In this way, market research and sales management can be efficiently combined.



The main advantage of POS recruitment is the evaluation by real customers directly after the purchase. They do not only provide timely, fresh feedback, but also "hard facts" about the last contact instead of soft image values. The assignment of the interviews to individual locations enables simple benchmarking and provides concrete suggestions for the individual locations.

possible insights

  • Customer structure
  • General customer satisfaction per location
  • Satisfaction with the employees
  • Satisfaction with the product range
  • Satisfaction with the advice
  • Reasons for possible dissatisfaction
  • Recommendation
  • General feedback per location

Is this the right tool for you?

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