Mobile Tools.

"Mobile first" is the credo of modern market research. As an innovation leader, we went one step further and said "mobile only" and launched an entire portfolio of app tools.

Product Launch Control

How much potential does your new product have? Our Product Launch Control provides information about the chances of success on the market.

Shopping Experience Index

How do customers perceive the shopping experience in stationary retail? Our mobile research tool tells you.

Retail Employee Index

How do customers perceive contact with your employees? We continuously examine 143 retailers.

Mobile Churn

This tool is suitable for all mobile phone providers that want to know if they are on the same page as their customers.

Radio Control

This tool continuously examines your program and the entire radio landscape from the perspective of your listeners.

Ad Check

With this app tool we dive into the world of advertisements and put the various industries to the test.


How likeable is a brand? How trustworthy, innovative or authentic is it perceived by the Austrians?

Slogan Check

Which slogans are ahead in terms of courtesy? And as how understandable, credible and memorable are they perceived?

Testimonial Tracker

Which public figures are most popular? Our brand new mobile research tool addresses this question.

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