Mission statement

This is important to us at Marketagent

Reduce to the max

A pragmatic approach at a high level of craftsmanship - this has been our approach to market research from the very beginning, in order to provide our clients with uncomplicated and rapid support in their decision-making processes. In order to live up to this claim, we always concentrate on the essentials in our work, but never lose sight of our high quality standards. Because Quick & Dirty is not our world, what counts is speed and efficiency.


The spirit of innovation

The "first mover" idea has accompanied us since day 1 of our company history. We have always tried to leave the beaten track and break new ground whenever we see the opportunity. In doing so, we do not necessarily want to reinvent the wheel. Rather, our aim is to build a bridge to the tried and tested - but rethought and packaged in an innovative approach.


Let's do this together

Fairness in the cooperation with our customers and communication at eye level with our community are for us the be-all and end-all for a sustainably successful cooperation. This applies equally to us market agents, because we believe that respectful interaction within the team, coupled with a little wink of the eye, is a must in the workplace. The healthy mixture of a large portion of passion, a high level of methodological competence and more than 20 years of experience are our recipe for state of the art research.

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