Testimonial tests

The focus of this study design is the awareness of the testimonial, associations, characteristics and credibility as well as the brand and product fit.

Testimonials are used to build trust and create credibility. They help exchangeable consumer goods become more serious or arouse interest in abstract products. The main tasks of testimonials is creating attention, transferring the image from the testimonial to the brand and increasing the positioning with the help of conclusiveness. For the success of a testimonial campaign, the credibility of the presenter, a small number of advertising engagements, a positive perception in the media, a certain attractiveness / sympathy, as well as a fit between testimonial and brand are decisive.



Testimonials provide a "certificate" depending on the quality, usefulness and value for money of a product and vouch for it with their "good name". Testimonial tests are designed to check the effectiveness within the target group. The focus of this study design is on evaluating the awareness of the testimonial, assigning associations and characteristics, the brand and product category fit as well as the verification of credibility and the role model effect.

possible insights

  • Visual awareness
  • Awareness by name
  • Spontaneous associations
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Attractiveness
  • Sympathy
  • Credibility
  • Role model effect
  • Media presence
  • Recognized advertisements for other brands
  • Assignment of characteristics
  • Brand, product and target group fit
  • Preference of several testimonials

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