U&A studies | motive analysis

The focus of Usage & Attitude studies lays on product usage and exploring underlying motives.

The determination of usage behaviors and habits, the handling of products and the observation of the perception of brands are the basic tools of modern product management. Usage & Attitude studies supplement the purchase data from a consumer or retail panel by focusing on the product usage and exploring the motives behind it. The main applications include market analysis, market segmentation and the identification of market segments that have not yet been worked on. The interrelation between objective usage habits, motives, needs and interests as well as the subjective perception of products and brands form the core of carefully conducted U&A studies.



The declared aim of Usage & Attitude studies is the exploration of information about the needs, motives and usage of certain products and brands of a product group. U&A studies should be understood as basic studies that reveal market mechanisms and a deeper understanding of the relationship between consumers and brands. At the center of this motive analysis are consumers with all their facets, wishes, needs and demands.

possible Insights

  • Purchase and consumption motives | needs
  • Purchase and usage behavior | consumption opportunities
  • “Who-what-when-where-how” dynamics
  • “Needs” vs. “performance”
  • Information behavior
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand and product preferences
  • Identification of market segments
  • Identification of unprocessed segments
  • Identification of key motives
  • Detailed brand ratings
  • Brand strengths in a competitive environment
  • Brand weaknesses in a competitive environment
  • Brand loyalty

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