Product launch controlling

In this early phase of the product life cycle, the focus is on consumers and their motivations.

Ex factory sales, trade sales and distribution data provide prompt information on the start or success of a product launch. In many cases, there is a lack of information about the socio-demography of customers, their purchase and usage behavior/ motives and their intention to re-buy, which are essentially related to the fulfillment of product expectations. In this early phase of the product's life cycle, it is important to operate decisive levers for the success of a product launch.



In order to avoid a blind flight in the early stages of product launches, valid information about the buyers and consumers of a product is required. The focus of such research is getting aware of the consumers and their motivations. The spectrum of possible knowledge contents is diverse and the need for knowledge is high: For example, it is necessary to determine product awareness, check whether expectations have been met, demonstrate cannibalization or substitution effects, control price thresholds, highlight communication measures for their efficiency and identify buyer groups.

possible insights

  • Product and brand awareness
  • Information behavior
  • Purchase behavior
  • Relevant factors influencing the purchase / non-purchase
  • Usage behavior and intensities
  • Consumption motives or reasons for refusing
  • "Who-what-when-where-how" dynamics
  • Likeability
  • Satisfaction with the product usage
  • Negative product experiences
  • Unfulfilled needs and product requirements
  • Strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition
  • Optimization potential
  • Recommendation

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