Market segmentation

With the help of socio-demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavior-oriented criteria differences in the overall market are carved out.

"As much differentiation as necessary, as much standardization as possible", this could be the task of a needs-based market segmentation. A successful market cultivation requires segmenting markets and identifying customer groups that are as homogeneous as possible. The focus of market segmentation is on the tasks of carving out differences in the overall market and uncovering market laws. Socio-demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavior-oriented criteria can be used for this purpose.



The main task of market segmentation is to uncover differences between individual buyer groups in order to draw conclusions for segment-specific market development. Customers differ based on a large number of criteria, for example in their needs, expectations, living conditions, resources and purchase habits. A market can be segmented based on each of these aspects.

Possible insights

  • Information and communication behavior
  • Shopping point choice
  • Brand and product preferences
  • "Who-what-when-where-how" dynamics
  • Purchase behavior
  • Usage intensity and purchase rhythm
  • Pricing behavior
  • Spontaneous associations concerning the brand
  • Attitudes and needs
  • Sociodemography
  • Psychographic variables

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