Employee surveys

The focus is on the attitudes, opinions and wishes of employees as well as the identification of weak points and suggestions for improvement.

In every company, employees play a central role for sustainable competitiveness and assertion in the competitive environment. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the needs and attitudes of your colleagues. Employee surveys can be understood as an instrument of corporate management based on partnership, with which employee interests are made transparent and decision-making bases are gained. As an essential part of personnel and organizational development, employee surveys do not only quantify the internal climate, they also quantify performance motivation and the company's leadership and communication quality.



Employee surveys reveal employee attitudes, opinions and wishes. The focus is on identifying weaknesses, opportunities for change and suggestions for improvement as well as creating an image of the corporate culture. They also serve as a base for decision-making and an early warning indicator with a signal effect that should not be underestimated. Employee surveys send a signal that wishes and needs of the staff are taken seriously.

possible insights

  • Satisfaction with the field of activity
  • Satisfaction with the company
  • Satisfaction with the working atmosphere
  • Satisfaction with the internal communication
  • Satisfaction with the product and service portfolio
  • Satisfaction with personal training
  • Satisfaction with leadership skills
  • Measures to increase employee satisfaction
  • Awareness of company and department goals
  • Awareness of company successes and gains
  • Possibility of personal influence
  • Personal development and career opportunities
  • Feedback possibility for employees
  • Employee status | position, tasks, ...

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