Customer surveys

Customer surveys intend to broaden the knowledge base about customers, their expectations and assessments.

In most markets and branches, customers can choose from a variety of products and services offered by different providers. In such constellations, it is becoming increasingly important to know the needs and expectations of customers in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at the end of the day. But "satisfaction" is not the only important parameter in customer surveys. By evaluating the "relevance" or "importance" of various sub-aspects a prioritization can be done, which can be visualized as a portfolio of actions.



With the help of customer surveys, the knowledge base about customers, their expectations and assessments should be broadened. However, it is not only important to make strengths and weaknesses transparent, but also to identify concrete potential for improvement. Customer surveys enable a change of perspective and a reduction in operational blindness. In addition, customer groups can be identified and segmented, and decision-making security can be increased.

possible insights

  • Customer segmentation and affiliation
  • Purchase / usage behavior
  • Determination of requirement
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with particular sub-aspects
  • Relevance of all sub-aspects
  • Strength and weakness analysis
  • Differentiation to competition
  • Image perception and associations
  • Customer loyalty
  • Negative experiences
  • Fulfillment of expectations and wishes
  • Change intent
  • Recommendation
  • Re-buying
  • Evaluation of improvement potential

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