Website tests

So-called OnSite surveys analyze the user structure of a website and provide information about the wishes and expectations of website visitors.

So-called OnSite or interception surveys usually analyze the user structure of a website and thus provide detailed information about personal characteristics as well as the wishes and expectations of website visitors. The survey is directly done on the client's website, where the questionnaire is shown to users during or after the visit with a pre-defined probability (method of the n-th visitor). In order to avoid pop-up blockers, the delivery of the online questionnaire is usually implemented via layers.



At its core, OnSite or interception surveys deal with the collection of socio-demographic and psychographic profiles of the users. These study designs are usually supplemented by the evaluation of visiting motives, intentions and usage behaviors. Further objectives can include the relevance check of particular functionalities as well as the evaluation of the website in general.

Possible insights

  • Frequency of visits
  • Usage motives
  • Usage duration and behavior
  • Information needs
  • Original source of visit
  • Likeability
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Detailed evaluation (design, ...)
  • Evaluation of technical performance
  • Optimization potential
  • Socio-demographic profiles
  • Psychographic profiles
  • Re-visiting
  • Recommendation

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