Name tests

This development process is about evaluating associations and differentiation options and thus reducing wrong decisions and uncertainties.

Names distinguish comparable products and offer both - companies and consumers - differentiation possibilities from the competition. The naming can make a significant contribution to creating brand awareness and brand positioning. When developing the name, it plays a decisive role if the new name creates clear associations and visual representations for consumers. A market research accompanying the name development process can evaluate these criteria in advance and thus reduce wrong decisions and uncertainties.



The central evaluation criteria of name tests include the possibilities of identification and differentiation based on the name, comprehensibility, likeability, recognition / recall performance and the ability to protect. According to the motto "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", it is advisable to check name suggestions in combination with the logo and the packaging. This is the only way to meet the requirement of a holistic, integrated process in the sense of the branding triangle (name - logo - product packaging).

Possible insights

  • Associative and emotional meaning
  • Likeability
  • Recognition
  • Recall
  • Memory effect
  • Discriminatory ability
  • Brand fit
  • Unique selling proposition | protectability of the name
  • Phonetic quality | ease of pronunciation
  • Compatibility with existing product lines
  • Profane or negative connotations
  • Usage of the brand name for other products
  • Transferability to other languages

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