Online home use tests

A product can often only be realistically assessed in everyday use. Home use tests are the last decisive test bench for a product on its way to the shelf.

A studio test is often not enough to make decisions about product alternatives. Sometimes a product can only be comprehensively and realistically evaluated in everyday use. Home use tests are therefore often used as a supplement or continuation of concept and product tests, whereby the focus is always on everyday durability. Home use tests are, so to speak, the last decisive touchstone of a product on its way to the shelf. The online handling of home use tests promises a number of advantages: the precise sampling from access panels, the testers' free choice of time for answering and the low drop-out rates for multi-stage follow-up surveys.



Depending on the survey wave, different contents are at the center of the investigation. While in the first follow-up survey the test interest is determined based on the packaging, further waves concentrate, for example, on user experiences and on the evaluation of the individual product characteristics. The multi-level survey concept enables changes in usage and perception over time to be recorded and analyzed. Sensor logs in particular provide important insights, since the evaluation is done immediately after usage.

possible insights

  • "Who-what-when-where-how" dynamics
  • Detailed product evaluation
  • Interrelation between product characteristics
  • Compensation options for product characteristics
  • Product strengths
  • Product weaknesses
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with special areas of application
  • "Needs" vs. “performance”
  • Optimization potential
  • Target group and brand fit
  • Recommendation
  • Purchase and usage intent


November 2020

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