Testimonial Tracker

Which public figures are most popular? Our brand new mobile research tool addresses this question.

The Testimonial Tracker is an innovative and ongoing mobile research instrument for measuring the likability of testimonials. Using a smartphone app, 201 advertising favorites and politicians from 8 categories are compared and evaluated in a duel situation. This forced choice index provides information about the popularity of the testimonials and allows trend analyzes of the consumers and voters favor. Several hundreds of thousands of ratings have been generated since the start in March 2020.

The 8 categories.

  • Athlete
  • Ex-athletes
  • Moderators / Hosts
  • Actors
  • Cabaret artists
  • Singer / Musician
  • Politicians
  • C-list celebrities


The duel.

Possible insights

  • Sympathy measurement in duel situation
  • Choosing a testimonial category
  • Forced Choice Index per testimonial on a monthly basis
  • Total index including age and gender


Is this the right tool for you?

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