June 10, 2024

Euro Cup Competition

Predict the results of the upcoming football spectacle and win great prizes!

Are you already in football fever? If not, then you will be now at the latest! Our big football prediction game gives you the chance to win valuable prizes. Simply submit your prediction by 26 June 2024 for our five questions about the upcoming football spectacle and, with a little luck, win one of our attractive prizes:

1st prize: 100,000 Marketagent bonus points (€ 1,000)
2nd prize: 50,000 Marketagent bonus points (€ 500)
3rd prize: 5 x 10,000 Marketagent bonus points (5 x € 100)

The prizes will be raffled off among all participants who have answered three or more questions correctly.

But now let's get started: Click here to go straight to the prediction game.

Have fun and TOI, TOI, TOI

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