Radio Control

This tool continuously examines your program and the entire radio landscape from the perspective of your listeners.

Radio is still the number one music source for many Austrians and with your program you accompany many of them through the day. What makes you the favorite station of your listeners and where can you improve? With our mobile research tool Radio Control we take a close look at all stations from Burgenland to Vorarlberg and continuously provide you with fresh data on your program from the perspective of the listener.

Possible insights

  • Property mapping
  • General Evaluation of program categories
  • Detailed evaluation of music
  • Favorite music source at a party
  • Detailed assessment of hosts
  • Detailed rating news
  • Detailed assessment of traffic news
  • Detailed assessment of information programs
  • Detailed assessment of entertainment shows
  • Detailed evaluation of advertising
  • Overall evaluation of the program
  • Fulfillment of expectations
  • USP
  • Solidarity
  • Favorite channels


Is this the right tool for you?

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