Mobile Churn

This tool is suitable for all mobile phone providers that want to know if they are on the same page as their customers.

In recent years the domestic mobile communications market has been flooded by numerous new providers and there are offers waiting for consumers in every corner. There is no doubt that a customer that has been won should be kept and their satisfaction is the top priority. Our Mobile Churn app tool reveals how your customers perceive you as a mobile operator, where there may still be room for improvement or whether there is a risk of a change to a competitor.

Use our tool to get the latest feedback on your brand and the entire industry and to react early to emerging trends.

An overview of the mobile operators.

A1 | Allianz SIM | | Billi Tel | bob | delight mobile | Drei | educom | eety | Fenercell | Georg | Goood | HELP Mobile | HoT (Hofer Telekom) | Krone mobile | Kurier mobil | kwikki | LIWEST Mobile | Lycamobile | m:tel | Magenta | Rapid Mobile | Red Bull MOBILE | S-BUDGET MOBILE | spusu | tele.ring | Tele2 | UPC Mobile | Vectone mobile | VOLmobil | WOWWW! | yesss! | yooopi!

Possible Insights

  • Customer status
  • Motives
  • Duration of the customer relationship
  • Contractual commitment period
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Reasons for satisfaction
  • Reasons for dissatisfaction
  • Willingness to change
  • Actual probability of change
  • Preferred provider in the future
  • Reasons for changing providers
  • Barriers for changing providers
  • Assessment of contact
  • Potential for improvement
  • Overall rating of the provider
  • Past customer status
  • Reasons for change in the past
  • Data volume in the past
  • Tariff in the past
  • Preferred mobile phone brand in the future


Is this the right tool for you?

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