February 11, 2020

Take a look outside the box

How likeable is your brand? How trustworthy, innovative or authentic is it perceived by the Austrians? Our brand new BRAND.Swipe package provides the answers.

The Tinder of market research.

Our BRAND.Swipe tool for intuitive brand evaluation has been in use for 3 years now and constantly provides information about the level of sympathy of more than 1.100 brands. In this way, we have already generated more than 15 million reviews.

And in the summer of 2019 we added another function to our mobile research tool. Not only the likeability of the individual brands can be assessed by simply swiping left and right, but an additional evaluation option has also been integrated for their trustworthiness, authenticity and degree of innovation.

This enables exciting brand comparisons and qualifies BRAND.Swipe for a look outside the box.

The top 3 most likeable brands from 2019


Our package for you.

Likeability index according to the tinder principle

  • 7 brands freely selectable
  • Index values ​​per brand from 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Total results, age and gender for 2019
  • Total ranking of the top 30 brands 2019 | Sample Total


Trustworthiness, authenticity & degree of innovation

  • Average values ​​of the 7 defined brands per characteristic
  • Index values ​​per brand from 2019
  • Total results, age and gender for 2019
  • Total ranking of the top 15 brands 2019 | Sample Total


This is how BRAND.Swipe works.

BRAND.Swipe is a brand evaluation tool via the Marketagent smartphone app. Brand logos are shown to the respondents, which are evaluated positively or negatively by swiping them to the right or left. In this way, brand likeability is raised spontaneously and playfully. Since 2019, the brands have also been assessed based on the characteristics of trustworthiness, authenticity and degree of innovation. The test includes more than 1.100 brands from a wide variety of branches.


February 2020
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