April 28, 2020

Slogan Check Package 2020

Which slogans are ahead in terms of courtesy? And as how understandable, credible and memorable are they perceived?

The Tinder of market research.

Since March 2020, our new mobile research tool Slogan Check has been in use for the intuitive evaluation of brand and company slogans and continuously provides information on more than 500 slogans.

By simply swiping to the left and right, the courtesy is assessed before the slogans are subsequently evaluated based on their intelligibility, credibility and memorability.

In this way, we have already generated over 100,000 reviews.


Our package for you.

Favor index based on the tinder principle

  • 5 / 10 / 20 freely selectable from over 500 slogans
  • Index values ​​per slogan | YTD (year-to-date)
  • Overall results, age and gender YTD
  • Overall ranking of the top 15 slogans 2020 | YTD

Comprehensibility, credibility & memorability

  • Mean values ​​of the defined slogans | YTD
  • Overall results, age and gender YTD
  • Overall ranking of the top 15 slogans per property YTD

package prices

  • 5 slogans: EUR 950, - plus VAT.
  • 10 slogans: EUR 1.550, - plus VAT.
  • 20 slogans: EUR 2.750, - plus VAT.


This is how the slogan check works.

The slogan check is a rating tool via the Marketagent smartphone app. The respondents are presented with brand and company slogans, which are evaluated positively or negatively by moving them to the right or left. In this way, the courtesy is raised spontaneously and playfully. In addition, the brands are judged on the basis of understandability, credibility and memorability. The test includes over 500 brands from a wide range of industries.



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