July 1, 2024

Medal Mania

How many medals will your local athletes bring home? Place your bet now and, with a bit of luck, win attractive prizes.

The big medal hunt is about to start again! The ultimate sporting spectacle starts on 26 July in Paris, where the best athletes from more than 150 nations will compete in over 30 disciplines.

How much gold, silver and bronze do you think your local athletes will bring home? Enter your medal tip and, with a little luck, win one of our fantastic prizes:

1st prize: 100,000 Marketagent bonus points (€ 1,000)
2nd prize: 50,000 Marketagent bonus points (€ 500)
3rd prize: 20,000 Marketagent bonus points (€ 200)
4th - 10th prize: 10,000 Marketagent bonus points each (7 x € 100)

The prizes will be raffled off among all participants who have correctly guessed the number of medals from their own country.

But let's get started: Click here to go straight to the medal mania game.

Have fun guessing and TOI, TOI, TOI.

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