March 23, 2020

Market research during the Corona crisis

How does COVID-19 affect market research? In the last few days and weeks, we have kept a close eye on our studies and can reassure you.

COVID-19 has turned our everyday lives upside down and at the moment we can only guess what effects the corona crisis will have on our society. Especially in times of uncertainty, market research makes a valuable contribution to underpinning vague assumptions with objective data.

In this context, we can assure you that the current situation will not result in any loss of quality in our field services. In the last few days and weeks, we have kept a close eye on our studies and would like to share our experiences with you:

  • The representativeness of our studies remains 100 percent. As before, the results of your research projects can be transferred to the population without hesitation.
  • Of course, as before, you can rely on the quality of our research designs (internal validity). However, we would like to point out that the current situation should be taken into account when interpreting the results, since certain questions may currently be viewed from a different perspective by the respondents.
  • This particularly effects questions concerning leisure behavior, tourism, gastronomy, culture or health. We assume that there is currently no shortage of effects on the reliability of studies in these subject areas.
  • Last but not least, we can also report a positive side effect: We are currently perceiving an increased response rate in our studies. Large parts of the population have more time than usual at the moment, which is reflected in increasing response rates

Together with our 1,8 million survey-willing consumers we are still fully available to meet your information needs. Because the current situation also holds great potential for exciting research projects, for example when it comes to finding out how your target group is dealing with the corona crisis. How does it affect your customers' attitudes? And is there a change in future buying and consumer behavior?

Especially in times of crisis, market and opinion research offers you orientation:

"As a society, we have great difficulty keeping a cool head and a clear view, because everyone is affected by the crisis. Scaremongering and fake news must not fall on fertile ground. That is why reliable and objective data are very important as an orientation and decision-making basis for politics and business. This applies not only to the medical and epidemiological side of the problem, but also to the social one. The companies in our branch have the right tools to support politics and business in this." (Bernd Wachter, chairman of the working group of German market and social research institutes)


In this mind, we are happy to support you in understanding all of these developments and look forward to providing you exciting insights.


All the best & take care of each other!

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