September 5, 2023

Dumbest question in the world

There are no stupid questions. Oh yes, there are! And we found them.

The saying goes that there are no stupid questions, but our current contest proves the opposite. Together with our community of opinion leaders, we set out this summer to find the world's stupidest question. The almost 600 submissions from the Marketagent family prove that stupid questions really do exist.

From all the submissions, the internal jury selected the 20 best or, in this case, dumbest questions, which then faced a democratic vote in the online panel. As the winner of the voting, "How long did the 30 Years War last?" may now bear the title of "Dumbest Question in the World". A question with calculating power made it to second place: "If I use a skin cream every day that makes me look 20 years younger, is it life-threatening when you are only 19?" The riddle about the cause of death of the dead sea completes the top 3 ("What did the dead sea die of?").

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