July 20, 2020

Climate protection in

We always strive for a low CO2-footprint in our activities and so we are happy about the cooperation with ClimatePartner also this year.

Also this year we support the hydropower project in Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo and thus operate our online research platform with almost 2 million members climate neutrally. Three quarters of our company cars are e-vehicles and we have installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our office. We will not save the world this way, but we are trying to ...


Fortunately, the fact that corporate responsibility goes far beyond securing jobs and paying taxes and duties on time no longer requires much explanation. Even if CSR initiatives are repeatedly criticised as PR measures, we are firmly convinced that even the smallest contribution has an effect. As a market researcher with a team of thirty people, we cannot move mountains, but we can strive day after day to make the world a tiny bit better. You can see what measures we take to ensure a long-term and sustainable commitment to the good cause in our folder "More than a Research Agency".


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